• Parking and getting there

    Which way?

    Pier 40 is located 1/2 mile south of the Bay Bridge right before Townsend Street meets the Embarcadero.

    From Northbound 101

    Take I-80 towards the Bay Bridge. Take the Fourth Street exit. Make a right onto Fourth Street. Continue on Fourth Street to Townsend. Make a left onto Townsend. Continue to the end of Townsend to the Embarcadero.

    From Westbound Bay Bridge

    Take the Fremont Street exit (exits from the right-hand lane of the bridge). At the bottom of the ramp, turn left onto Fremont Street. Turn right at the first light which is Howard Street. Continue to the end of Howard Street to The Embarcadero. Turn right onto the Embarcadero. Pier 40 will be on your left.

    From Southbound 101

    Take Marina Boulevard to Bay Street. Turn left onto Bay Street. Continue to the end of Bay Street to the Embarcadero. Turn right onto the Embarcadero. Continue for 1 1/2 miles. Pier 40 will be on your left.

    Public Transportation

    Muni: N Judah Line

    SBC Park Parking Options

    Metered Parking Lot: Limited public parking is available around this location ($0.25 per half hour). Due to the proximity to SBC Park, these on-street parking spaces will be more difficult to park in during the baseball season.

    Bryant Street and Embarcadero Parking Lot (located on the corner of Bryant Street and Embarcadero Street): This parking lot has 545 spaces, is open 24 hours a day with an attendant on site until 6:00 pm unless there is a game and then there is an attendant on site until 11:00 pm, and they charge a flat rate of $8.00 per car unless a game or other event is happening when they then charge $15.00 per car.

    175 Townsend Street Parking Lot : They charge a $6.00 flat rate per car but are only open from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm (except for night baseball games).

    178 Townsend Street Parking Lot : This garage is only open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm excluding baseball games.

    Stanford and 2nd Parking Lot (located at 680 Stanford Street and 635 2nd Street): These two lots are run by the same company and are only open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm except for night baseball games.

    Added by Courtenay on Thu, Oct 15th 2009

  • Fashion and the wedding

    So, you wanna play it that way?

    It has come to my attention that some of our guests are going out of their way for their wedding attire. Not to cause a sense of competitiveness but RIGHT ON! I am so excited to see what kind of finery in which you attend our nuptials. I encourage this enthusiam!
    Last second steampunk finery can be sourced second hand from thrift stores or procured at establishments like:

    Five and Diamond http://www.fiveanddiamond.com/store/

    Dark Garden http://www.darkgarden.com/
    Haight Street Tattoo (Formally Anubis Warbis) http://haightashburytattooandpiercing.com/
    Ceiba http://www.ceibarec.com/cgi-bin/cp-app.cgi
    Decades of Fashion 1740 Haight St (415) 750-1704

    Good luck I can't wait to see you beautiful people!

    Added by Courtenay on Thu, Oct 15th 2009

  • We're on the countdown... are you nervous? I'M N

    Okay, maybe a little

    Well it's officially, uhm 22 days until the wedding.
    Loose ends have been tied down, food, wine, music, flowers, all good to go. I *think* we're all set...

    I think.

    Added by Chris on Fri, Oct 2nd 2009

  • 6... I mean 5 weeks to go!

    So much to do.

    So there is too much going on between this shindig, school, work, teaching, house hunting, etc! The dress is almost finished, the bridesmaids things are in the work, Chris' suit is almost there, and everything else will just happen, right? I'm just so excited!

    Added by Courtenay on Thu, Sep 10th 2009

  • Two months to go!

    Wow, Court sent out the invites on Friday and some people got them on SATURDAY! Holy crap the USPS sometimes actually WORKS!

    We had planned to ad more content to the site before people got the invites, we just didn't count on the Postal Service being so... efficient.

    It's going to be an interesting and wicked busy two months; Court started school again today and my business is picking up a little (fingers crossed); but things are moving forward and we don't have any major lose ends (I think), so check back here every once in a while and I promise we'll keep everybody up with what we're doing.


    Added by Chris on Mon, Aug 24th 2009

  • Wedding stuff and nonsense

    Wedding stuff.
    Court paid off her Fluevog boots that she going to be wearing for the wedding; mine are still in lay-away, but soon baby, soon. She has her first fitting at Dark Garden this afternoon for the dress, which I'm being allowed the honor of attending (what's the protocol on this? Technically it's not 'The Dress' yet, so...?). We're meeting the costume maker on Sunday afternoon for my first fitting, which should be pretty cool. We have a tasting with the caterer next weekend, so things are going swimmingly, I think. Oh yeah! And! We received two samples of the wedding invite from the girl on Etsy that Court contacted and they are freaking awesome. Just phenominal. More later.

    Added by Chris on Fri, Apr 10th 2009

  • You know what's neat?

    What's neat is when you come home and find that your darling bride-to-be has, on a whim, bought you two new shirts. That you actually really like. That's neat.

    Added by Chris on Wed, Apr 8th 2009

  • The Best Man's Toast/Speech?

    I'm debating letting Doc off the hook on this one; I've no doubt he could come up with something memorable and heart felt, it's just I'm not sure I want it. Trying to avoid some of the more tiresome traditions.
    Or maybe I'm just being an ass?

    Maybe I'll just let Doc decide.

    Added by Chris on Sun, Feb 8th 2009