Our Timeline

  • Dicken's Faire

    The Cow Place

    Chris, always wooing brought Courtenay to The Dicken's Christmas Faire in attempts to raise her spirits after a grueling end of semester. There was much merriment and excitement as the two shopped, danced and enjoyed the fine food and libations of the event. It was here Chris asked Courtenay consider an engagement. She happily accepted even though nothing official had occurred.

    Added on Sat, Jan 24th 2009

  • Ring Shopping

    Various Locations in San Francisco

    Thinking this was just another teaser trip, Courtenay shopped with mild trepidation. Little did she know Chris was going to call her father the very next day....

    Added on Tue, Aug 11th 2009

  • The Big Damn Question

    Aperto- Potreo Hill San Francisco

    After retrieving Christopher from the Chronicle Building and a quick side trip to the diamond store, Courtenay found herself at their favorite Italian eatery. This was the place of many brunch dates and countless delicious four cheese sandwiches. Chris officially asked her to spend the rest of his life with him. Libation and celebration followed and thus here we are today.

    Added on Tue, Aug 11th 2009